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A couple things you must read before placing an order at LVEUM if you are a first timer.

1. We are not Amazon.
2. If you need a tracking number it costs extra unless you choose a courrier shipping option. Contact me before placing an order if you need one.
3. I try to ship daily but sometimes I don't feel like it. Please be patient. Check out a map and see what the distance is between London and your city. Shit takes time to get there.
4. I have been doing mailorder for the last 20 years, five of those as a full-time job. It is not in my interest that you are angry and I am certainly not here to rip anyone off.
5. Communication is key, but please do NOT write me two days after you placed an order from Canada asking where your order is.
6. I am happy to combine postage, keep stuff aside and ship whenever the size of the hold pile is big enough to guarantee a better shipping rate. But please make my life easy and be clear each time you order.




MUS168 NUEVA FUERZA - Hitos y Derrotas MLP

MUS172 ZODD - Operationally Ready Dead LP

MUS173 HOLOGRAM - Build Yourself up so Many Times Only to be Brought Down Again and Again 7”

MUS174 PERMISSION - Drawing Breath Through a Hole in the Ground LP


Most of the label catalogue is available digitally on our bandcamp.

The label is on twitter so if you want to follow it do so @LAVIDAESUNMUS




DISCLAIMER: LVEUM is just one person so if your email isn't answered as fast as you wished please try again as I find impossible to be on top of mail.

Also some people may be aware that LVEUM share an office with Me Saco Un Ojo Records, an underground Death Metal label which never takes the trash out. You can combine orders from both labels as we keep noticing the same names in lots of boxes.

That's all for now. Peace and love.

P as a member of the PLF