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Mouldering, mind-altering minimal electronics, mingled with lavishly baroque songs of thwarted romance/escape, suffused with high Catholic drama and fatalism and dread… we’ll have some of that! The original Italian DIY/industrial scene has been heavily plundered in recent years, but the work of Marco Milano and Roberta Ongaro, first as Novostj and then as DsorDNE (any tips on how to pronounce EITHER would be appreciated, ta), has proved elusive until now and this important vinyl reincarnation of an eight-track, 1988 cassette compilation on Hax. Icy, economical, vaguely Dome-ish pop jewels are embedded in more expansive textural explorations, noise harrowings and long, looping drum-spells, gradually adding up to an exacting and exhilarating torture-garden psychedelia…think Minimal Man, the S.Y.P.H. of ‘Nachbar’ (sort of), the Robert Turman of The Way Down, Chrome at their most way-out. There’s an adolescent fearlessness and innocence and honesty to it too, a sense that this music is EVERYTHING to the people who made it – see especially the blasted-heath (do they have heaths in Italy?) howl of ‘Nel Vuoto’ – not the soundtrack to their lives, but the stuff of life itself. But it’s also frighteningly accomplished, and effortlessly, almost shruggingly, avant-garde…a deeply personal vision that nonetheless feels pointedly experimental and outward-looking and strangely prophetic, with passages of ectoplasmic, ego-shredding basement sludge that point the way to Xpressway and Siltbreeze’s 90s zonings, and strong premonitions of techno too in the raging gothic hypnobeat/bad-NRG of ‘Disordine’ and ‘Voce di Edefici Vuoti’. Yeah…it’s proper good this one.