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Tropical Nightmare Demo II & Demo III LP

  • PV-03
  • LP

Punk Vortex proudly presents Tropical Nightmare vinyl debut. Tropical Nightmare is a London based band that has been around for a while with a good number of live appearances and 3 demo tapes under their studded belts. On this release we have the songs from the second and third demos now finally available on vinyl. The band follows no trends and delivers their unique Brazilian flavoured kind of psychedelic hardcore punk loud, proud, distorted, with loads of feedback and weird tempos. Tropical Nightmare is a fresh breeze of creativity among a universe of copies and repetition. The artwork is a conceptual masterpiece by Carlos Casotti who managed to magnificently capture the essence of TN’s music and turn it into iconic images. Go check them out if they play in a town near you. They are currently looking for more gigs and working on new material for a full length album.


A1 . Prego
A2 . Criatura
A3 . Head
A4 . Descompassado
A5 . Ninguém
B1 . Andando Pra Traz
B2 . Só Sente Na Pele
B3 . Palhaço Triste
B4 . Desespero