DESORDEN Afilado Terror LP

  • QCHQ-092
  • LP

Desorden have been flying the flag of Madrid Straight Edge since 2018, releasing their demo and a ‘Edge Day’ promo tape the following year whilst being an integral part of Madrid hardcore, helping it grow year on year. Taking references such as Breakdown, Gut Instinct and Killing Time, with touches of early Agnostic Front, they create infectious memorable tunes that you can’t help but get in the pit for. Meanwhile vocalist Alenka pulls no punches with a huge snarling tone, singing in Spanish about social issues such as sexism and the importance of mental health metaphorically wrapped up in imagery from 50s horror movies. This is reflected in the front cover artwork by Colo Lopez that references the film poster for 50ft Woman, but this time it’s Madrid 2024. Hardcore is about spreading awareness whilst creating music that helps us cope with these issues. This is our home.