Personal Damage Ambush 7"

  • TS-02
  • 7"

“This new LA-area band is back with their second 7″, the first of which was a flexi last year. Personal Damage knocked me out the first time I heard them, and I think this new tape might be even better than the first one. Personal Damage’s style is in that “snotty punk at hardcore speeds” mode I associate with current bands like Chain Whip and White Stains, but a bit less hardcore and more punk rock than those bands. The band that always comes to mind when I listen to Personal Damage is the Circle Jerks. Like the Jerks, Personal Damage’s songs are compact (ranging from thirty seconds to about a minute and a half), but pack that small space with a lot of melody and tight arrangements that make the songs sound explosive. Again, like the Jerks, Personal Damage isn’t afraid to get a little poppy when the moment requires, as they do on the (very unexpected) cover of Peter Tosh’s “Stepping Razor” that closes out Ambush. If you like it short, fast, and catchier than omicron—Angry Samoans and early Gang Green are two more solid reference points—get on this train quick.” (Sorry State)