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V/A Chaos In CH: A Collection Of Underground Swiss Punk 1979-1984 LP

  • BEAT89
  • LP

A comprehensive guide to the best Swiss punk has to offer. Includes full classic 7″s such as TNT’s “Züri Brännt” (1978) and Negativ’s “Glitter Hair Cream” (1982) along other Swiss punk anthems and unreleased material. Comes with an extensive insert featuring photos and texts telling the story of the bands and putting the Swiss punk scene into context. 17 tracks of pure punk mayhem by the likes of luminaries TNT, Bellevue, Abgas, Crash Course, Negativ, Kie 13, Vorwärts, and SIDA. An incendiary selection of Swiss underground punk gems from 1979 to 1984. A throwback to the time when the Helvetic confederation was on fire. Most tracks have been reissued for the first.

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