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La Rabbia Consumed By Paranoia And Fear LP

  • NFT258
  • LP

The second full-length from London’s LA RABBIA. 14 new punk rock cuts sung in English and Italian that bring to mind Crisis, The Mob and Crass.   Last year saw them release debut album ‘Shock Tactics’, an impressive political post punk calling card that caused a lot of discerning ears to prick up. They recently returned with follow up ‘Consumed By Paranoia And Fear’ and it’s every bit as vital as its predecessor. The band’s name translates from Italian to English as Anger and that’s an emotion very much in evidence on this 14 track anarchic delight. The distinctive vocals of frontman Marco Palumbo will be familiar to many of you and combine well with music that acts as a bleak but inventive soundtrack to the era we’re living in.​