Rekrut Demo '84​/​Jarocin '84 LP

  • WPR018
  • LP

Before the fourth edition of FMR Jarocin, it was already clear that the interest of the performers and the public is greater than ever before. It felt in the air that it was going to be
a significant event. The number of applications from young teams has increased significantly. There are an impressive number of debuts that were coming on application tapes from around the country to
festival committee.

The organizational requirement to send demo tapes motivated performers to record their performance. At a time when the capabilities of releasing records and even cassettes were minimal, thanks to this procedure, a large archive of submission demo tapes for the festival in Jarocin from this period was maintained. Today it represents the tremendous value of the musical culture of the 80. s
Before the possibility of distribution of cassettes in independent circulation, for a punk band without commercial aspirations, it was a chance not only to appear in front of a broader audience,

but also a challenge to record a trace of your business – by doing it in the basement, in the garage or with any luck in an amateur recording studio.
The ReKRUT team from Bytomy was one of such performers, which basically left a trace only thanks to the festival in Jarocin. Through raw punk footage
which remain after them, you break through their own character and texts that caused them problems at the start – only one of them was accepted by censorship.
This briefly existing formation played several concerts, and the performance in Jarocin was their main achievement. Anyway, it was close enough to ensure that participation in the festival did not come to
the effect of. Before the concert, the band was left without a drummer – with help came Tomek Dorn from the band ABADDON, who replaced the RECRUIT. On this day, next to the mentioned ABADDON, the band shared the stage m. in. in. with AXE, MOSCOW
or PROVOCATE during this legendary edition of the festival.

After the show in Jarocin, there were significant reshuffles of the squad. They did not produce the desired results and immediately after the team was dissolved. Part of the squad was created in the next years by the new-wave ZOILUS and the avant-garde-jazz project MELODY.

After 37 years, the REKRUT team will make their debut on the record – for many it will probably be the first encounter with their acquis. Without bands like this, we wouldn’t have a full picture of both the history of punk in Poland and the understanding of the musical explosion that took place in Poland during and after martial law.

These archival recordings are also a documentary of a spontaneous break-up of young people who believed they could express themselves and create without embarrassment or complexes.

For the first time in a series of punk-materials from Jarocina CAP and the W-Z Route Archive, the demo+live kit presents: so material from the application cassette sent to the committee
organizational and competition performance. In the plans, further views of both live and Jaroci ński materials.

listen here: https://warsawpact.bandcamp.com/album/demo-84-jarocin-84-12

Track list:

Side A (Demo ‘84)

1. Speculator
2. Guillotine
3. Subtle Disease of Thoughts
4. Can’t get away
5. Degeneration

Side B (Live Jarocin ‘ 84)

1. ′′ Z ′′ sign
2. Can’t get away
3. Degenaration
4. Guillotine
5. Speculator