The Bollocks Demo 94 EP 7"

  • SPHC-119
  • 7"

Malaysia, 1994.
The scene is popping off! Carburetor Dung, 24 Reasons, Hostile Disgrace, all these exciting bands playing various strains of hardcore. But also, all of them fit some template of the 90s, with mettalic guitar tones, tough breakdowns, it all fits with what’s happening around the world: the rise of straight-edge, metalcore, the varying experimentations and fragmentations that happened within DIY punk at that time.

Enter The Bollocks first demo. Leather jackets, big spikey mohawk. Simple bouncing pogo songs, rough and raw production with tuneful and catchy melodies. Clearly rooted in the timeless ideas of UK82, this is pure unadulterated PUNK, with all the recklessness and snot attitude and desperate passion of youth. Nothing could be the same after; the template was set, the bar was raised.

The demo sent shockwaves around southeast Asia, defining what it means to be punk in Malaysia. Its first vinyl reissue in 1996 on Tian An Men 89 Records became southeast Asia’s first DIY punk record, the first step towards bringing international attention to one of the world’s most exciting and energized punk scenes.

It was brought back to vinyl again in 2015, on Basement Records….and I think most copies stayed squarely within southeast Asia.

And it is with immense pride and pleasure that we’re able to present one of the great pieces of the canon of punk on vinyl for a third time, for more worldwide consumption. The original demo tape tracks, remastered for vinyl, presented in 2 sleeve variations: new (pictured here on bandcamp) and old (the original demo tape art).

The Bollocks – Demo '94 EP (SPHC-119) by SPHC Records