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V/A East Punks Omnibus LP

  • EPO12
  • LP

Most mind blowing of all, a four band “Thrash Til Death” style compilation from 1987 showcasing some of the craziest Japanese hardcore that is still completely unknown and unheard due to the original release being a real holy grail / pinnacle of rarity in 80s Japanese hardcore collecting. Bands here include Wild Bonvers, Redrem Voice, Zamza, and Jail God. If you haven’t heard of them, don’t feel bad, cause really, no one has… The tracks here are raw, but not unlistenable lo-fi quality and will be loved by fans of stuff like Gai, Confuse, the first Gudon flexi, or hyper obscure Japanese hardcore flexi releases like Z, Jigoku Manjyu, Coward or Tranquilizer. Comes with a cool booklet. Lim 200

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