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N.M.A. Emoción Explosiva 7"

  • CP-13
  • 7"

Cintas Pepe is back with a heavily CRUDOS 7″ era influenced EP from Chile.

After some tape and CD releases, several tours around the world under their belt Chile’s N.M.A. have finally dropped their first 7″ record.
Well known in the thrashcore scene these four locos from Santiago are ready to tear down the barriers of punk sub-genres with the sole purpose of spreading their fast, furious, catchy and urgent noise.
In a historical moment where punk music goes deep in darkness and despair N.M.A. say fuck that. Shit’s hard, life sucks but there is no time for self hatred nor giving up. It’s time to look around, care for each other and keep walking forward. That’s their approach to hardcore punk and given the last events in Chile their stance feels more necessary.
So if you are looking for a negative and angsty record go check out some first world punk, N.M.A. have no time for that bullshit.

Only 300 copies on black vinyl.
Split release between Tobi Records & Cintas Pepe