• EMP010
  • LP

Reissue of this Mexican punk band’s LP, originally self-released by the band in 1990.

Last year Esos Malditos Punks reissued Sedición’s 1991 album Verdaderas Historias De Horror. Now they’re back with a reissue of the Mexican punk band’s previous album, 1990’s En Las Calles. While Verdaderas Historias De Horror was only a year later, En Las Calles sounds like a different band, possessing none of the death rock flourishes of that record. Instead, what I hear is a thuggish, brutal hardcore punk sound with oi! elements, in the same universe as S.O.A. or Negative Approach, but sloppier and nastier… perhaps there’s more of the simple and brutal oi! music of bands like L’Infanterie Sauvage or RAS in Sedición’s DNA? Despite the sloppiness, the music has a lot of variety and character. Songs have different lengths, structures, and rhythms, which keeps En Las Calles exciting all the way through. I’m a sucker for this early 80s fuzzy guitar sound (it’s a lot like the first Minor Threat EP), and the nasty tones complement the gruff and confrontational nature of the music. While this came out in 1990, En Las Calles is a must for early 80s international hardcore heads, as it possesses a similar fury to records like Anti-Cimex’s Anarkist Attack, Olho Seco’s self-titled EP, or Ratos De Porão’s Crucificados Pelo Sistema.” (Sorry State)

Red or Yellow vinyl sent at random unless you mention a preference.