Carlos Casotti FATAL FLAW - THE ART OF BAD IMAGERY' - Artwork and Stories by Carlos Casotti Book

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Carlos Casotti is a Brazilian ‘outsider’ artist based in his hometown once again after half a lifetime in the London punk and squatting scene

“My imagery expression is often just an outlet for artistic ideas and exercise of techniques , shapes , forms and textures conveying an abstract vision of the world within my mind , but sometimes it’s also a straight forward tool to trigger curiosity or awareness about mental imbalances that generate all the psychological illnesses of our modern busy lives”

“I often hear comments on how some of my drawings remind them of Nick Blinko’s work. Well, that’s partly true, however what most people don’t know is that actually one of my main sources of inspiration is an artist born in my hometown. Franklin Cascaes was born in Florianopolis in 1908, and he was also a folklorist, ceramist, anthropologist, engraver, writer and researcher of the Azorean culture. His work only became known in 1974, when he was already 66 years old. I am particularly fascinated by his stories and drawings about the mystical tales of the witches of the Santa Catarina Island, the very place where I also happen to be born at.”

A4, 80 Pages, 170g Art Paper, posh.