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BRUX Fills De La Nit

  • MUS298
  • 29 March 2024

MUS298 BRUX – Fills De La Nit 7″

BRUX are back with four tracks of their trademark sound. Four flanged out hard hitting anthems, mixing the sharpest possible post punk with the roughest street rock’n’roll vocals. They keep their boots firmly pressed between two styles which seem polar opposites, resulting in new sounds made up of old formulas. Too angular for boot boys yet too crude for trendy post punkers. Blending both BLITZ eras with Death rock and current punk wave, and resulting on a fully formed band not afraid of displaying all their influences at once.

Originally released by the band’s label on a 100 run cassettes at the end of 2023 this recording was simply too good not to exist on vinyl.