Low Life From Squats To Lots: The Agony & XTC Of Low Life LP

  • ALT66
  • LP

Gritty post-punk outfit Low Life investigate the “disgust and shame” of white Australia and the gloomy reality of betrayed adulthood on their dense third album. Influenced by Michaelangelo, Iggy and the Stooges and the Sydney hardcore scene.

There’s a curl of thick, black smoke that surrounds Low Life; their music isn’t depressing, but it’s filled with anger – the kind of anger that grows from dented dreams, unfathomable reality and fragmented relationships. The band raked in acclaim for their first two albums, 2014’s “Dogging” and 2019’s Alter-released “Downer Edn”. “From Squats to Lots…” is closer to their sophomore album, a record the press release describes as having a “nuanced flavour”.

With the grim atmosphere of “Unknown Pleasures”-era Joy Division and Bowie’s “Low” (apparently producer Mickey Grossman has a statue of the star in the studio), Low Life conduct a riveting noise that lifts the darkest emotions into almost jubilance. Guitars jangle beneath rugged basslines and thrash-y chords, and vocals lurch from snotty sneers to melancholy cynicism. It’s a record that brings to life another side of Australia, one far from what we’re accustomed to witnessing in the media. As the band themselves say: it’s not for kids.

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