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Enzyme Golden Dystopian Age

  • 14 July 2023

MUS280/HCV 046 ENZYME “Golden Dystopian Age” MLP

Hey knuckle draggers and chain swingers! Looking to add some dynamite to your pogo stick? Look no further!! Enzyme’s Golden Dystopian Age LP is here! 4 years since Howling Minds LP, Enzyme’s 2nd offering bends all odds and pushes the band’s brand of noise punk to a new limit. Lots to process about this record, from the hyperactive drumming, catchy rhythm backbone by the bass, 1000 pedal stomp buzz saw noise/psychedelic soundscapes guitars, discordant terminator vocals that sound like they been recorded through a cheap boom box, cameo vocals from Hardcore Victim CEO / Phantasm vox Bernie, to the more noise / beats provided by hard techno unit Nerve AKA Joshua Wells makes for one perfect storm that these noise bent fuckers have managed to harness. 3 years to make, this record sounds and reads like a reflection of life living through the tightly sanctioned lockdowns, a state of uncertainty, helplessness, anxiety and fear, geographical and imposed isolation, natural disasters and civil unrest in Naarm (Melbourne) Australia. 8 relentless noise punk tracks for the new hell we live in.

Golden Dystopian Age showcases Enzyme’s never ending one sided romance with punk legends Confuse, Chaos U.K and Disorder but also exploring other influences like Anarcho punk, space rock, psychedelia, metal and gabber. Blasphemy! Is this punk future? It’s as ugly as the world Enzyme sees. It’s the Golden Dystopian Age.

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