Hard Skin Hard Nuts And Hard Cunts LP / CD

  • CLASS007 / SKIP116
  • LP / CD

Hard Skin’s “Hard Nuts And Hard Cunts” is the brilliant and groundbreaking debut album from one of the fiercest oi bands to emerge from the streets of London. Originally released in 1996, it was a delivery of tongue in cheek humor into an all-too-serious scene. It is now available again on vinyl featuring a deluxe old-style tip-on jacket and bonus track not on the original version. LP includes free MP3 download card. JT CLassics reissue on Yellow vinyl and CD. TRACK LISTING:. 1. Hard Skin. 2. Oi Not Jobs. 3. ACAC. 4. Jocky On The Oche. 5. XR3. 6. My One Skin. 7. Every Day Every Weekend. 8. Fax Of Life. 9. The Good Times. 10. First Day Angry Song. 11. Beer And Fags. 12. Me And The Boys. 13. 12 Bars Of Gold. 14. Desperation Street. 15. Bunch Of Pissed Up Cunts

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