• NR007
  • LP

Legendary Argentinian punk band with members from Rigidez Kadaverika.

This 12″ LP contains the “Hijos de Burgueses” demo (1989), plus two songs from the “Demo ’87”!

14 studio tracks remastered by Daniel Husayn from North London Bomb Factory.

Limited to 300 copies!

Co-release with Sub-Discos and Discos Mugrientos

Contain an A3 poster with photos, lyrics and liner notes.

“This is not a manifesto. It is not a statement or a legacy chronicle.

Democracy in Argentina was only a few years old, but the rage was much older. The feeling of the planned scam that followed the massacre became palpable, and hatred started sprouting from the sewers. And that hatred turned into music: basic, simple, powerful and arrogant.

A venous, guttural and anti-melody noise that stopped us head-on. A ball hit to the face on a cold day, a blood stain on the lace tablecloth, an alienated laughter in the burning chapel.

That’s what we were and where we went.

Between police raids, surreal battles and comic book characters, we stopped to say what flowed from our loins: that we had enough fire to burn all institutions, customs and traditions.

We were convinced of that. And we had to do it because, otherwise, that fire was going to consume us.

Thus, appeared Parálisis Infantil, with the certainty that we should hit the ribs of that decadent architecture sustained in exploitation, in constant prohibition, an anorexia of ideas. With the permanent paradox of holding on to a fierce nihilism, but with the feeling of being able to do anything. And like demented drunk clowns, we built a frenzy that prompted us to sing against everyone and against everything.

In each recital, we felt that we were the nightmare of those who sleep peacefully, and the dream of those who never sleep. And for every ecstatic pogo, may a new brick from the old world fall.

That was Parálisis Infantil: an exorbitant chorus destined for defeat. An attack that you don’t commit. But convinced to raise our ugly head a thousand and one times inside the enemy ranks.

Denying the future, we build the trench of the forgotten, the cursed and the leprous. May the world belong to them, today and forever.”