PARALLEL WORLDS In the Comet's Path LP

  • SRR03
  • LP

A new UK band for old hands, friends from times past, with members having served together in Young Conservatives, of which Parellel Worlds are essentially a progession – taking a hardcore template and then stretching it into something new. They don’t sound like Fucked Up neccessarily (although there are moments), but it’s the same principle that applies: unusual combinations of styles, whether metal, post-punk, hardcore, underground rock, or whatever takes your fancy. Finding new sounds to add to the old. It’s that tricky word progression. Maybe we should call it hardcore evolution, instead. Featuring on vocals Andy Bryant, the exhuberant show man/performer who’s legacy stretches back to The Horror, and – going further back still – Imbalance. The rather splended sleeve art – like a great apocalyptic sci-fi novel – gives an accurate indication of the quality content held within.