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Rat Cage In The Shadow Of The Bomb 7"

  • MU256
  • 7"
  • 04 November 2022

MUS256 RAT CAGE – In The Shadow Of The Bomb 7″

At last, ‘In the Shadow of the Bomb’, the pummelling new single from Rat Cage is back in print after a limited lathe run on Lughole Records last year. The A side is a Burning Spirits style ripper, inspired by a trip Hiroshima and witnessing the devastating long lasting effects that nuclear war has on a city and country. ‘In the Shadow’ sonically nods to classic Japanese hardcore, but still maintains the typical Rat Cage blend of Scandi/UK punk. On the flip side, ‘Scared Of The Truth’, is a political mid pace stomper that rumbles with power in a State Violence, State Control fashion, while somehow also sounding like Out Cold at their most rocking. A glimpse through the cracks as to what’s coming next from Rat Cage in 2023.
releases November 11, 2022

Recorded And Mixed by James Atkinson at The Station House in Leeds
Mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory
Artwork by Mylo Oxlo
Back cover/ Layout by Mike C

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