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KAUHUN TASAPAINO Issues 1-3 Fanzine

  • TASA 1-3
  • Fanzine

The Finnish HC fanzine KAUHUN TASAPAINO existed between 1984-85 and has now been reissued by Finnish Hardcore.

All three issues as one, 84 pages in A5 size. Please note the fanzine is completely in Finnish. The artwork has been digitally restored from the original pages.

The reissue included a lot of black and white photos and interviews, for example: Lättä (Kohu-63), Tuomittujen juhla, Abortti 13, Riistetyt, Rutto, Aivoproteesi, Kuolema, Kaaos, Varaus, Pohjasakka, Rattus, Maho neitsyt, Terveet kädet, Massacre, Vivisektio…

Includes an A3 double sided Bastards/Aivoproteesi poster.