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MOSKWA Jarocin '84 LP

  • WPR 027
  • LP

And in a moment on stage… Polish DISCHARGE. Their lyrics have a line or two and they play by far the fastest – MOSKWA! (Piotr Nagłowski, Jarocin 1984)

A complete recording of the competition and final performances from Jarocin ’84 by the Łódz-based band. One of the most important and best material of the 80’s. Absolute top of the domestic punk / hardcore output.
Total rager presented in the performance of Moskwa during the competition set made the band not only hit the top of the festival and could present themselves on the big stage, but also got the opportunity to record four tracks in the studio of Radio Lodz in the same year (released as “Studio ’84” 7″ on WPR). From that very moment, the group’s name would be mentioned as the absolute forefront of Polish Hardcore Punk for decades to come. The band would also become a regular guest at the Jarocin festival.
This material from ’84 simply blows your mind. The intensity of the songs performed jumps gradually to new levels, they move from one to the next, with no breaks and no moment to catch your breath. Guma drives in with his raspy guitar and desperation-filled vocals shouting lyrics about the real danger of war and nuclear annihilation or the struggle of the individual under constant attack by pervasive propaganda and systemic oppression. Rogoz’s thrashing bass heralds the coming nightmare. Pałker nabs a fast tempo that keeps the band rushing forward as if there were to be no tomorrow. Neither before nor ever again has anyone from the Polish scene come close to the sound and atmosphere of Discharge as Moskwa does on this material.
Excellent recording quality from restored original reel-to-reel tapes by the comrades from Studio As One. A mega classic straight from the legendary Jarocin ’84 in gatefold cover and inner sleeve with the lyrics and translations. The whole thing is released for the 40th anniversary of the band, which falls this year!

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