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HIC SYSTEEMI KÄRSÄ 1982-84 Fanzine / Flexi

  • FINHC-009
  • Fanzine / Flexi

The Finnish punk and hardcore fanzine KÄRSÄ was published between 1981-1984. In May 2021 FINNISH HARDCORE just released a 40-page A4 sized KÄRSÄ collection issue (FINHC-009) with the most interesting articles, photos and band interviews featuring:

NATO, Terveet Kädet, Bastards, Kaaos, Vaurio, HIC Systeemi, Antikeho, Massacre, Nukketeatteri, Maho Neitsyt, Sekaannus, Mellakka, Aivoproteesi, Riistetyt, Dachau, Maanalainen Pelastusarmeija, 013 and Poliisivaltio. Please note! The fanzine is in Finnish only.

The fanzine includes a 3 song live flexi 7” by HIC SYSTEEMI. The previously unreleased live versions of Kauhun tasapaino, Kirkot sotii and Sinivalkoinen lama were recorded in the band’s hometown Ylivieska, Finland in June 1983. The audio on YouTube preview video is from that live recording:


The audio has been digitally restored from the original recording by Jari Mikkola (AIVOPROTEESI). Since the songs were recorded almost 40 years ago please understand the sound quality.