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V/A Killed By John Peel LP

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From the amazingly rich vaults of John Peel’s BBC 1 Radio session recordings, comes one of the best punk rock compilations we’ve heard in a long while. Focusing on the less known side of the huge Peel Sessions catalog, Killed By John Peel comes stuffed to the rafters with mind blowing and little known gems from the opening track with French Synth Punk pioneers Metal Urbain and the incendiary recording of their hit E-202 to the closing with the kick ass Power Pop Punk hit She’s Alarming by the Wasps, each and every single track on this monster of a record presents a band at their prime giving it all at the legendary BBC Radio 1 studios. Absolutely essential!

1. Metal Urbain – E-202
2. Outcasts – Gangland Warfare
3. King – Antipope
4. Rudi – Yummy Yummy
5. Idiot Dancers – Jealousy
6. The Cortinas – Further Education
7. Alternative TV – Going Round In Circles

8. Skids – Open Sound 1978
9. Scars – She’s Alive
10. The Lurkers – Countdown
11. The Flys – Energy Boy
12. Funboy Five – Haircut Bob Dylan -66
13. Pragvec – Bits
14. The Wasps – She’s Alarming

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