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DHK La Krudeza No Muere LP

  • MUS72
  • LP
  • 21 April 2017

DHK (Destruccion, Hurto y Kaos) from Lima, Peru, recorded some demos which I regard as the pinnacle of Raw Punk from last few years. The adjective Raw doesn’t apply here in the same way people understand Punk in 2013. D.H.K. don’t hide their lack of songs behind layers of feedback, black and white images of dead bodies and clique “crusty” clothes. Instead they scream loud and clear against system, the state, the apathy and the conformism. Their music is raw, heavily influenced by DISCHARGE, the nordic beat and drawing comparisons with the greatest DESTRUCCION from Arnedo. The sleeve artwork created by Teodoro Hernandez portraits perfectly D.H.K.’s insurrectionists spirit..

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