Crucified Truth Make A Stand LP

  • SFR024
  • LP

The newest deluxe reissue on Shortfuse Records, who have brought us wonderful archival releases by Plasmid, Ripcord, Lärm, Public Execution, etc. This time tackling 80s Australian hardcore legends Crucified Truth. A raging hardcore band from Melbourne. Much like the UK hardcore scene at the time, which was becoming influenced by faster American bands in addition to the most hardcore UK sounds of bands like Discharge, Chaos UK and Disorder, Crucified Truth seems to adopt a a style similarly influenced by UK punk, and American hardcore punk of the era. The A-Side collects their Communication 7″, as well as a completely unreleased 7″! The music here is more polished and a perfect blend of American bands like Toxic Reasons, and classic UK punk and UK82 bands. The B-Side collects their first demo tape, which shows the band in a much more primitive and raw, almost proto-noisecore format, forging something fast, sloppy, and will appeal to fans of the most raw and demented UK punk of the early 80s. Includes a booklet with dozens of photos, flyers, interviews, etc. Absolutely top package, and highly recommended. (General Speech)