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BALTA Mindenki Mindig Minden Ellen

  • 05 April 2024

MUS284 BALTA – Mindenki Mindig Minden Ellen 7″

BALTA’s follow up to their Rendszerszintű Agybasz​á​s 7” (MUS257 – 2022) is exactly what we expected. A seven-track cacophony of feral hardcore punk with little compassion for our ears. Affiliated with Budapest’s underground Hardcore Radikal movement their noise is not posture, but a cry for autonomous freedom; Anywhere and at any price. Drawing influences from noise visionaries worldwide, from PSYCHO SIN to PESTE to FIRMEZA 10, they occupy their own space amongst the current idealist, anti-commercial punk movement bands like PIÑEN or CAYIR. Their anti authoritarian message is clear, but mainly LOUD.

Mastered by Shigenori Kobayashi at Noise Room.

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