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Fidel G.L. Molt Malament Book

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I met Fidel sometime in the late 90’s and he is surely one of those people who I consider a friend above all things. However, he is also an amazing photographer. During the last 25 years he has documented the DIY punk scene wherever he was on his native Asturies, in Barcelona, the city he has lived for the last 2 decades or in his travels. This 236 pages 10″x10″ black and white book documents not only local and touring bands but also friends, spaces and overall is a perfect reflection of the way DIY punk has evolved in the last two decades. A true work of passion from a extremely talented human being.

This is what Fidel himself has to say about his book:

Never made the transition from analogue to digital. I used the same camera for 20 years. And only when it was dead, I replaced it for another one of the same model. Besides that, I am accomplice of this society, obsessed with image to the histrionic. We share images compulsively to show our makeup reality, hiding what we rather ignore. And probably that’s what this book is about.”

Molt Malament compiles in more than 200 pages, more than 25 years in photographs documenting subterranean DIY Punk scene in different places (Barcelona, Asturies…) and environments.