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CRY OUT More Echoes Of A Question Never Answered​.​.​. Why?

  • MUS228
  • 14 August 2020


RIP Rosie Davis.

LVEUM was working on releasing CRY OUT 12″ by the time I heard the terrible news of Rosie passing away. After much thinking I decided that the best way to remember Rosie the way she was would be by releasing the record. At the time of her passing the recording wasn’t finished, neither was the artwork. I am still working on the artwork but as of now, July 11th, the record has already been cut and it is at the pressing plant. I expect to have the record ready in 5-6 weeks but please if you order it be patient as artwork may delay it.

For the Canadians reading this, there will a very big chunk of the press going directly to Montreal and Halifax.

Profit of the record and downloads will be sent to Rosie’s family.