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Home Front Nation 12" / White Vinyl

  • MUS291
  • 12" / White Vinyl
  • 27 October 2023


MUS291 HOME FRONT – Nation 12”

Home Front are here to offer relief – you loved Games of Power and you loved “Nation” so here it is on 12″s of the deepest widest grooves imaginable. Blast this out of every open window you have access to and make sure they hear you screaming in the commons. Backed by “Slice of Paradise” – an unthinkably catchy neo-diy new wave ballad that could win Eurovision and shine your boots at the same time, and “Jupiter” – a synth grooved, Tangerine Dream tinged lost soundtrack to Rock Em Sock Em 10. Bang the walls, bang your head, cry yourself to sleep, and Scream at a Nation. -Jonah

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