Dolly Mixture Other Music LP

  • SEAL-005
  • LP
  • 06 December 2019

A new compilation album that captures the spirit and energy of Dolly Mixture. They mix a punk attitude, ’60s pop, hooks galore and that special magic dust that makes Dolly Mixture still intriguing 41 years after they formed. This album has been pieced together from original tapes and 1/4 inch masters. Side A is raw recordings and it just adds extra grit to these pop delights of Dolly Mixture. Among the 11 tracks are two tracks that were recorded in 1978 at Spaceward Studios and intended as their debut 7″, an alternate recording of How Come You’re Such A Hit With The Boys, Jane?, Covers of the Velvets Femme Fatale and Mott the Hoople’s Foxy Foxy, a Demo for Paul Weller’s Respond Records plus five tracks recorded in 1984. These were the band’s final recording session and recorded at Treetop Studios, Suffolk. All tracks on vinyl for the first time.

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