Bernat Mundial / Gato Paper Banyat Book

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Paper Banyat is an extensive collection of posters and flyers designed by Gato and Bernat Mundial in the last decade, mainly related to the punk scene in Mallorca.

This is the most ambitious project we have done so far as a publisher. The book is entirely printed in risography and elaborated cooperatively with the authors. We have been working for the last 18 months selecting the material, designing the layout, printing, and taking care of every detail.

The book also includes photographs and has a detailed index explaining when and where the events of each poster occurred.

This book has been thought, designed, and produced entirely in Mallorca.

Book 170 x 240 mm / 190 pages
Interior: Natural Bulk Sand 120gr.
Papago 120gr. Yellow
Papago 120gr. Black
Papago 120gr. Light blue
IQ Color 80gr. Salmon