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Guns n' wankers Pop – Hardcore – Metal – Silly (The Complete Recordings ’93 – ’94) LP

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Remember the early 90s when the original Snuff line up was no more and Duncan Redmonds hopped onto guitar and joined forces with Pat and Joolz from the Wildhearts for a short lived band called Guns n’ Wankers. Despite the silly name is was one part glorious punk pop songs and one part crunching metal songs. The band recorded only 12 songs and they were released across four 7″ singles on Rugger Bugger Discs and Fear and Loathing (Pop – Hardcore – Metal and Silly) and 8 of these were compiled together by Fat Wreck and released in later 1994 as For Dancing And Listening. The record went on to sell a silly amount but it was the 90’s. Now for the first time – all the tracks are compiled together on one LP including the Metal songs that Fat Wreck thought were too Metal and the Silly songs that they thought were too silly. The band have recently reformed and this is the first time these songs have been reissued and remastered. 25 Years after they were released – these songs still sound vital and are an essential part of 90’s Punk in the UK.