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Diät Positive Disintegration

  • 16 September 2022

There are times in the life of a record label when you know you have to make a very stupid decision, and re-release a semi-widely available record that came out barely three years ago, by a band that is not active. A sort of financial suicide but one that closes a chapter for you personally; DIÄT, the band, the legend. A band we feel extremely close to at LVEUM, made up of people we love to pieces playing some of our favourite music over the last decade, but for one or another reason nothing was ever released on this label. Until today. Enjoy this timeless record.

MUS250 DIÄT – Positive Disintegration LP

Positive Disintegration was DIÄT’s sophomore album in which they expanded their post punk to a new pop level, reaching their songwriting peak. The DIÄT sound builds upon the FALLOUT/ SIX MINUTE WAR / CRISIS skeletal sound, adding muscular marching drums and sparsely used synths and drums machines. Their trademark dead-pan vocals are at the centre of the mix, narrating the inane existence of a soul under the dreads of late capitalism. Questioning your own existence in a sea of depression, low-paid jobs, borders, information, lack of sleep, and a fast moving world that threatens to leave you behind. All too familiar.

Positive Disintegration was originally released in 2019. Re-released with a totally new mix in time for DIÄT’s rare appearance at Static Shock Weekend in London. Marking the 10 years since their first London show. Remastered by Guitarist Tobias Lill at Dong Xuan Productions, the new edition sounds deeper and highlights many parts of the album buried in previous editions, breathing new life to it.

This edition keeps the same artwork of previous presses. With sleeve artwork by Yuta Matsumura and includes a lyric insert and poster by Nada Ollosp.