Chute De Esperma S/T LP

  • LP


CHUTE DE ESPERMA were a relatively unknown punk band from the Canary Island who recorded two demos in the second part of the 80’s and remained an obscurity for most people outside the Islands. Musically they go from mid tempo punk to speed up minor hits but every single track has a unique sneer which keeps them firmly in the punk valhalla, next to ELECTRIC DEADS, S.I.B. or VULPESS (who they cover twice). They were a staple on worldwide tape traders want lists for years but thanks to the maniac behind Los 80’s pasan factura label we now have an LP with both those recordings as well as a nice booklet with the band’s story and a poster in a small press (200 white/ 200 pink) The sound quality is far from Hi-Fidelity but as a champion of the band for years I can not be happier with it.