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Sublevación S/T 7"

  • DE#93
  • 7"

Speedy charges of Spanish / Brazilian / Colombian punk from SUBLEVACION, those who execute a well-orchestrated early Spanish style, but with their own hot-blooded touch. Based in Barcelona, SUBLEVACION’s combined with overall compositions of rapid high-hat/snare slashes -following Ultimo Resorte’s path- and fiery guitar licks, make this a power-packed barrage of dispatched political outrage. There’s also a certain UK-82 vibe along this record, represented with a pretty tight chaotic essence reminding of CHAOS UK or CHAOTIC DISCHORD… Although, SUBLEVACIÓN have fortunately stepped into the vacuum created by the demise of Spanish bands just like RIP and ULTIMO RESORTE, with great straightforward bites of feedback and distortion in the crazed tradition that meet you with the four bits of this demo.

DE” #93 SUBLEVACION 7″ by Discos Enfermos