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Michigan free-punk trio XV represent the truly unhinged and uncomfortable nature of expression in its elemental state. Unschooled and unconcerned, the band drifts between meditative repetition and borderline feral blasts of frustrated energy. Songs that hold together on sheer force of understanding bring to mind a Midwestern volume of Killed By Death from another reality, prime moments of Siltbreeze’s ’90s roster and entirely unnameable vibes. If Harry Pussy sounded like Void playing free jazz, XV is Beat Happening covering Black Flag, or vice versa.

Made up of Shelley Salant (Tyvek, Shells, Ginkgo Records,) Emily Roll (Haunted, Tyvek) and Claire Cirocco (The New Me) XV played around Detroit often and practiced weekly in their first year of existence. These songs were recorded early on as not to lose the initial energy that can fade when a band gets too comfortable or aware of themselves. More involved studio sessions didn’t turn out as well as the live to cassette four-track renderings, and these ten songs clip by at just over 20 minutes.

Very limited repress. Not to be slept on.