Black Vinyl

Piñén S/T EP 2015 7"

  • PIÑÉN-7-01
  • 7"

Simply put PIÑÉN’s debut 7″ is by far my favourite release of 2015. This two piece from Barcelona pick up where FIRMEZA 10 left off. Their ideas and their sonic approach are quite similar. Simple primitive hardcore with a really strong anti authoritarian message. They sing and talk and write about their environment and about their struggle to live their lives as free as possible. That feeling transcends to their music which they are not afraid to call a sonic abortion. Hypnotic repetitive riffs over equally repetitive drum beats. No bass but a female voice that will freeze you over. In a world oversaturaded with music that feels and look like a prepackaged product PIÑÉN stand up as a unique response to that crap. Their selfreleased EP comes in a silkscreened cover with a 7″ booklet that brings to mind the Old Italian Attack Punk releases. To top things up the 7″ sells for £3 so there is little to no reason not to pick up this masterpiece.

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