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Die In Vain Savage New Times 7"

  • 7"
  • 01 December 2023
MUS278 DIE IN VAIN – Savage New Times 7″

The debut 5 track vinyl release from Istanbul’s Die in Vain, that follows their excellent demo ‘Desperate to Piss’ on General Speech. Die in Vain live and breath the UK82 era where classic singles were released every week. The world was fucked and you played music to kick against the system. 40+ years later nothing has changed. Nothing at all. The band are locked in and tight with the drummer dealing in simplistic thuggery and the vocals spat out with venom and hatred. If Beat the System Records or Riot City Records still existed, Die in Vain would without doubt be snapped up by either label. It’s basic, hard hitting and relentless UK82 punk rock. (Sean Forbes)