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Final Sentido Común Hegemónico Siglo XXI 7"

  • BPD054
  • 7"

After debuting on vinyl with the melancholy and the sheer force of colombian punk bitterness that was “Obsolescencia Humana”, the trio have been boiling up this five track composition. It is much more gutsy and raspy than their previous production, but it benefits the material as the songs also carry out a lot more desperation vocalwise if not in tempo. In an age where a lot of bands lose their credibility in vagueness and abstract articulation; FINAL still shout about injustice, borders, corruption and casualties of life in a city surrounded by violence.

Some may say that Sentido Común Hegemónico Siglo XXI have a stronger reassemblance to older south american punk, while their previous MLP touched more upon more melodic bands like SECT or POST REGIMENT; but they still capture both these elements with presence and attention. Decide for yourself and listen.