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Skitklass / Crimex Snutsvin / Disrupt The Order Split 7"

  • HELL014
  • 7"

SKITKLASS, which are unidentified, have been boiling the hardcore world recently, split work with female vocal D-BEAT hardcore band, CRIMEX, out of Olympia USA, a female vocal D-BEAT hardcore band, they released a seven-track cassette tape released in 2017. It is inevitable for the D-BEAT sound to be delivered with incredible quality. If you have not listened to it, do it now. .

SKITKLASS side 1. Snutsvin 2. Varlden Ar Slut Och Brinner 3. Sex, Alkohol Och Punk
CRIMEX side 1. Name 2. Lives In Distorted Remains 3. Disorder 4. The Deal With Death