Powerplant Stump Soup Cassette

  • SSR095
  • Cassette

Powerplant return in 2022 with their long awaited second full length, but things are not quite what you may have been expecting. Started in late 2020 during ‘that’ time and finished this January, Stump Soup finds Powerplant taking the instrumental interludes from previous releases to their natural conclusion and have delivered an 20 track, hour long dungeon synth album. Yes, really.

Theo Zhykharyev: “A year ago I landed on all these really cool left field DS releases from the mid 2010s, kind of like egg-punk of the crypt world, and it made me smile because I could go there.
New timeline just got weirder, but life’s a movie and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.”

The album is available as a 60 minute cassette, limited to 300 copies.

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