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The Astronauts Survivors LP

  • LP
  • 07 January 2015

Second release on the Astronauts early works reissue campaign. It covers the 1979-1980 vinyl releases of Mark Wilkins and company. It includes the four tracks from the self titled EP from 1979 and the four tracks from “Pranksters in Revolt” EP from 1980 on Bulge records. These tracks show us perhaps the most straight forward side of The Astronauts. Tagged at the end of each side you’ll find one of the tracks recorded under the Restricted Hours on the rare split EP with The Syndicate for the Stevenege RAR back in 1979. Swinging from proto punk to hard rock and from echo folk to epic synth jams – these tracks feature the amazing Wilkins lyrics of inner city criticism, self doubt and despair. This is free / DIY / Punk music as its best.

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