Martin Sorrondeguy Susto 17 - The Dawn Wirth Special Edition Fanzine

  • SUSTO17
  • Fanzine

Susto no. 17 is out!!!!!!!! A special issue showcasing the photographs of Dawn Wirth, Her images are from 1977 to 1978 and mostly Los Angeles. This is a double poster issue, with large, beautifully hand-printed images of the Screamers, Bags, Germs, and smaller images of DEVO, Clash, Skulls and The Weirdos. There is an additional double sided sheet with graphics and an interview with Dawn Wirth all housed in an amazing Screamers printed envelope.

Bags (3 color print) and Germs (2 color print) is a double sided 22” x 30”
Screamers poster is 19 x 25”

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