SCUGNIZZO Terrore Sottomesso LP

  • NFT307
  • LP

London based band which include members from La Rabbia, Miscalulations and Illegal Leather but don’t expect this is what you’re going to hear on this record. This incarnation is a whole new beast and some of the best work to be produced by the London gang. As the title translated to English ‘Subdued Terror’ suggests, you are dragged by both ears into haunting listening. The drums are dialled in giving a punchy sound harking back to the military style of classic Anarcho bands of the 80s. Vocals are delivered with a sense of urgency and viciousness all sung in Italian which adds a layer of passion to each word. Basslines are simple but very effective and does its job well within the mix which is to give the star of the show, the guitar, room to shine. 10 tracks of melodic driven post punk which grows with each listen. The lead lines over top of the driven rhythm guitar cut like a knife through hot butter bringing everything together, creating dark and at times sinister songs. 
Melodic punk rock for fans of Rata Negra and Biznaga with a sophisticated blend of punk, shoegaze, post punk and pop.