S.I.B. The Third World War LP

  • RRS0000126
  • LP

First-ever vinyl reissue. Limited edition of 500 copies on black vinyl in gatefold sleeve with double-sided insert and liner notes by Stefano Gilardino. Founded in the northern Italian port city of Ravenna in the summer of 1980, S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain) was comprised of former members of new wave covers band R.N.A. Transfert and singer Tracy Crazy, a huge UK Subs fan. The band’s scorching live performances drew a loyal following, leading to an approach by L.M. Records, Ravenna’s foremost punk and new wave imprint, to cut ‘The Third World War,’ their sole lp. The band’s sound was a very personal one, with reggae, punk, hardcore and new wave all part of the mix – too varied for an audience strictly loyal to genre boundaries. Unjustly overlooked following the group’s demise, Radiation Reissues is pleased to give ‘The Third World War’ the reissue it deserves some 40 years later.