NO FUCKER Tombs 7"

  • 7"

4 brand new tracks of D-Beat Raw Punk!! No Fucker has been back in a big way the last couple years, playing out, and delivering blistering live shows, but a brand new 7” of No Fucker songs makes it feel like No Fucker is REALLY back, and ready to steamroll audiences and shatter ear drums. Every time I see them I feel like they are a band committed to exceeding any gig, record, etc. they have done before, and think about what a rarity this is for any band that’s been going for over 20 years. Talking with a friend after seeing them a year ago we wondered why the legions of Raw Punk fans covered in Disclose and Discharge logos were not coming out from miles around to sell out every No Fucker gig. Do these people really love Discharge style hardcore? Or are they latched onto logos as some sort of brand or identity, as No Fucker is simply the best thing you can experience if you truly love Discharge style hardcore. Those who have heard to the 2 live Discharge tracks on the Apocalypse Punk CD from 1992 ( Recorded on the Apocalypse Now Tour during the band’s classic era – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iu4IHZLw7CM ), have heard Discharge more noisy, more raw, and more fierce than you can hear them on any of their studio recordings, and No Fucker, like Disclose did before them, channel this same energy in a way that none of their peers do. Absolute highest recommendation. See you all at the next No Fucker gig. (General Speech)