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SEEMS TWICE – Non-Plussed 12″
Abuso de Poder 7″ (Roachleg)
Invalid – S/T 12″ (Sorry State)
Hüstler: S/T 12″ (Sorry State)
Woodstock 99: Super Gremlin 12″ (Sorry State)
Peace De Résistance – Bits And Pieces LP (Peace De Records)
Omid Walizadeh – The Yalda Mix Cassette (B|ta’arof Records)
Product Assar / Akutt Inglese – Split LP
Legion of Parasites – Demos LP
V/A Great Punk Hits LP
V/A Thrash Til Death LP
Ab Hjärntvätt / Disaccord – Split LP
NEOS – Three Teens Hellbent on Speed LP (Supreme Echo)
RIOT 303 – S/T LP (Supreme Echo)
THE NOSTRILS – Undaunted 7″ (Supreme Echo)