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V/A Cult Sounds LP

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Cult Sounds is The music and sounds of fringe religious movements. The wackos at Aberrant Records have done it again, this time with a poisonous slice of vinyl chronicling the music and sounds of weird and, in most cases, extremely dangerous religious cults from around the planet. An all star line up of cult mayhem including Jim Jones' People's Temple, David Koresh, Shoko Asahara or Anton LaVey among others. It doesn't get much weirder or darker (and interesting) than this, be warned. Side A 01. People-s Temple Choir / Welcome 02. Bobby Beausoleil ^ The Freedom Orchestra / Lucifer Rising Part I 03. Jeremy Spencer and the Children / The Prophet 04. Shoko Asahara / Lord Death's Counting song 05. David Koresh - Madman in Waco 06. Heaven-s Gate / Initiation Tape *fragment( Side B 07. Ya Ho Wa 13 / Fire In The Sky 8. The Apollo Stars / The Power Of Source 09. All Saved Freak Band - My poor generation 10. Chris Korda ^ the Church of Euthanasia / Save The Planet, Kill Yourself 11. Anton La Vey / Satanis Theme 12. Raël / Viva la vie viva la mour

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