Black Vinyl

V/A Killed By Death Vol. 8 1/2 LP

  • kbd 81/2
  • LP


Side One
Toxin III-I Rock I Ran
Cosmetics-Twinkie Madness
Reactors-L.A. Sleaze
Haskels-Takin’ the City By Storm
Dow Jones & The Industrials-Can’t Stand the Midwest
Crucified-Let the Kids Play
Uncalled 4-Grind Her Up
Snuky Tate-Stage Speech
Side Two
Public Disturbance-S & M
Vast Majority-I Wanna Be a Number
Styphnoids-Mom’s a Fake
Turnbuckles-Super Destroyer Mark II
Shit Dogs-Killer Cain
John Vomit & the Leather Scabs-Punk Rock Star
Latin Dogs-Killed In Jail
Insults-Population Zero
Matchheads-Pearl Harbor/Fat Bitch

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